The Importance of Gutter Cleaning

The Importance of Gutter Cleaning

At the time, the generally accepted method of cleaning these areas was to get the operator up to the same level as the gutter itself. This usually meant that the operator would have to access the guttering via a ladder, scaffolding, cherry pickers, or perhaps even in some extreme cases – by utilizing the services of an abseil service.

These techniques come with their own inherent flaws – putting aside just how long it takes to clean as this, or perhaps just how expensive items like cherry pickers can be to hire – all of these methods often proved very dangerous with cleaners high up in the air.

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Our External and Gutter Cleaning system solved all of these problems by allowing access to the gutters and downpipes from the ground floor with our interlocking pole system.

These poles combine up to a total height of 16m, and as a result, guttering up to five stories high can be easy can be cleared and cleaned of debris quickly and at a tiny proportion of the price. The poles are actually made of a very durable but lightweight composite to mean that while at their full extension, they remain extremely lightweight and straightforward to work with. Better yet, all of the poles – and the cleaning heads and tools that come with the system – all feature our unique safety locking mechanism (see video below to see this mechanism in action) to make sure that they stay securely in place and do not separate and fall when the system is actually in use.

It is the time of year when blocked gutters will become a concern for our clients across the globe. As leaves begin to fall and winds and rain increase, guttering can quickly become blocked with all manner of organic materials.

If left unchecked, this can pose several issues for building owners. As water has to look for alternative routes, leaks and drips will develop, which over time can cause dampness and other issues. Unchecked – these issues can pose a risk to the integrity of the structure of the building and the health of the occupants inside.

In some extreme cases, insurance companies have been known even to refuse payouts. They cover building owners that have neglected this part of their FM regime, so it’s crucially important to keep on top of this often overlooked area.

Whether you’re trying to find small compact gutter vacuums for domestic properties or perhaps the larger triple motors to take your reach higher, we have a bunch of professional and powerful gutter cleaning machines for vacuuming blockages from gutters, along with a selection of lightweight, robust poles and unique accessories to help you clear gutters safely from the ground.

We supply a broad range of innovative products produced with the experience of ours, from complete gutter vacuum systems, aerospace aluminum pole sets, carbon fiber kits, plus all the accessories you might have to help you started or even update the current systems of yours.

Our leading gutter vacuum equipment is actually a fantastic addition to many business types, whether you’re getting started in the cleaning industry or perhaps looking to expand the range of your cleaning services and increase your revenue safely from the ground.

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